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Welcome to The UK's Most Comprehensive Spiritual Hub Network!!!

Divine Rays Spiritual Hub is a powerful spiritual network, born of the frequency of love, compassion, and oneness; uniting teams of spiritual people to provide education, wisdom, healing, enlightenment, inspiration, empowerment & community on your spiritual & wellness journey

Awaken to Who You Are, let go of limiting beliefs about what is possible for you and let your soul lead the way. 

Divine Rays Spiritual Hub is an online subscription membership club and community hub for those of you who are on a spiritual growth journey, helping you to rise in consciousness, shed your limiting beliefs, and become more awakened, aware and aligned with your inner being and truth.  

Supported and guided by a Divine Spiritual Team, the hub is your Key of Light - a spiritual gift that allows you to open the door to your own higher purpose and destiny. Here, you will be empowered to heal, grow and succeed. 

You may be newly spiritually awakened and on a path of self discovery and healing, interested in self exploration and soul connection to achieve a greater understanding of who you are, why you think, feel and behave the way you do, and how you are connected to the universe. Or, you may be further along your journey, wishing to progress your spiritual wisdom and expansion, perhaps feeling a calling to serve others on their spiritual paths. You may be a lightworker, spiritual business owner, healer, mentor or spiritual teacher. Whichever stage you are at, the hub will speak to you and awaken the power of the Divine within you.

It's no coincidence that you are here!!!


Why You Should Join Us...

Everthing you need for your spiritual journey is in one safe, supportive place!

There are huge benefits to being a member of the hub. You will get...

Access to a vast Spiritual & Wellness Topics Library

Exclusive NEW Monthly Content every month & lifetime access to all the previous month's content, on-demand!

Mediumship Development Group Live

Spiritual & Psychic Development Group Live

Reading & Healing Live Events

Channelled & Guided Meditations

Spiritual & Wellness Masterclasses

Distant/Remote Usui Reiki & Energy Healing

Interviews with special guests and experts

Spiritual Chat Show

Spiritual Mastermind Group

Multiple pieces of contributor content each month - blogs, articles, video masterclasses, live events, circles and classes, ceremonies, workshops, resources

Community support, chat, forums, location services & messaging

Your very own app!

The Spiritual & Wellness Directory

The Shop

What's On

'Refer a friend' reward scheme and ambassador gifts!!! 

*Please note that posted ambassador gifts are only eligible to those in the UK 


Want to be more than a member? Want to be a Hub Contributor as well?

Get involved as a contributor, to become part of a supportive, growing community of spiritual people and to make a real difference to peoples lives and growth. Apply directly to us to become a regular contributor for all of the following benefits:

  • Support and connection with an ethical, trusted, loving, spiritual community
  • The warm-hearted feeling that comes from knowing that you've been able to contribute towards anothers personal growth
  • Regular contributors can apply for 15% off of full membership to the hub with all of the benefits that membership provides (regular contributors have to agree to make 1 submission per month to qualify for 15% off)
  • The opportunity to advertise your spiritual services and offerings to a large, engaged audience, including links to your website and socials within the hub directory
  • Your contributions shared and promoted with all of our members throughout the hub, on our social media pages and in monthly content emails
  • The chance to be showcased as 'practitioner/business of the month'
  • Invititation to our yearly 'contributors' meet up
  • Networking opportunities for all contributors 
  • Depending on how well this hub develops, there could be endless possibilities for growth for key contributors!

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